Being that Tattoo Makers is a new business to Cheviot we really enjoy the exposure that the CWCA’s WestFest not only provides to us, but to the rest of the businesses within the community. WestFest is nice in that it provides all the people in attendance the opportunity to stroll around and see what new and existing businesses are in Cheviot, but it also allows us, the business owners to get out and meet other Cheviot/Westwood businesses and residents so that we can better build a relationship with the community. The mix of the music acts on the two stages and the variety of treats that the 20+ food vendors provide really liven up the party and make for a great time for all who attend. We look forward to seeing many new faces and making some new friends, so come out and have a little fun with us the rest of the community at CWCA’s WestFest 2014.


Joel VanCleave
Owner, Tattoo Makers